Blue Collar Imports

We work with only the best manufacturers across the globe to source products that our customers will appreciate the quality and build. Our primary focus is to import high quality products that can be reliably used in a commercial environment.

Competing importers focus on lower costs, which in turn creates products that the customer cannot rely on. At Blue Collar Imports our primary focus is ensuring the products we import are of the highest quality possible and we will not lower the quality just to save a few pennies.

At the end of the day customers know the real cost of cheap import tools, and they know the issues that arise when that tool breaks in the middle of the job or after a couple of uses.

We believe that you can have a lower price and a great quality product and that is what we deliver to our customers every day.

Blue Collar Import Products

Blue Collar Imports products are primarily tool and equipment related but certainly not our only focus. Currently we are working with great factories that build Tarps, Ladders, Hand Tools, Air Tools, Machinery and more.